Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Tommy

This is the most adorable picture of my sweet baby boy. Can you believe he is only 4 months??? He is huge.!!! lol
I love his smile and he always lets me take lots of pictures of him, maybe cuz he can't escape yet like his sisters do. I wanted to use this beautiful paper I found on clearence at my local michaels, he is the love of my life. I always thought i was a better mother for girls, never expected to have a boy, I knew how much work they could be, but I am so thankful God let me be the mom of this little boy. This a regular 12x12 layout, I used some embelishments but I really didnt do much to the page, I kept it very simple. I use my lovely create a critter cricut say that 3 times over lol
I hope one day he likes all the pages I make for him, I have not done any journeling but I will do it soon

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