Thursday, July 29, 2010

All Doll Up

This layout was done for the picture of my oldest daughter Illyanna, this was back in April when she had her annual Brownies father/daughter dance. This year she wanted my husband Tom to go with her, she was so very excited to getting all dress up and going out with da-da, as she calls him. She is very close to her father, but since she lives with my husband and I she is gotten very attach to him as well, specially cuz both of her yournger siblings call him da-da and are completely daddy's kids :)
He works very much, specially since I have lost my job, and I normally stay home with the kids, all day long is mommy, mommy, mommy but the moment my husband comes home the kids forget Im even around and all they want is Daddy. WHich is a great thing for me as a need a few minutes for myself, but is hard for my husband cuz he comes home from a long day of work and he is very tired.

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